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Do People With 20/30 Vision Need Glasses?

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The term “20/30 vision” refers to a level of visual acuity – sharpness of vision – that’s good enough for most tasks. But it’s not as clear as 20/20 vision, which is considered “normal” vision.

A person with 20/30 vision would need to be standing 20 feet away from an object to see it as clearly as a person with normal vision sees it from 30 feet away. This means their vision is only about 66% as sharp as a person with normal vision.

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Your eye doctor can determine your visual acuity during a comprehensive eye exam and discuss whether you can benefit from glasses. Book your appointment today with Vivid Eyecare in Brampton.

What Do People with 20/30 Vision See?

This isn’t considered poor vision, but it still is a form of nearsightedness. Some people with this visual acuity may have difficulty with certain activities that require precise eyesight.

Having less-than-clear 20/30 vision can make it harder to recognize friends at a distance, watch a game being played in a sports stadium, or to enjoy a performance from the middle or back of a theater.

The main issue with even slightly decreased vision can be for driving. While most people with 20/30 vision can drive safely, especially during the day, they may find it difficult to read some road signs, or feel uncomfortable driving at dusk, at night or when there’s a lot of glare.

Children with 20/30 vision may have trouble seeing what’s written on the classroom board or find it challenging to play sports like baseball and tennis, when the moving ball moves in and out of focus.

The slightly blurry vision that people with 20/30 experience can also lead to headaches or eye strain as the brain tries to refocus the vision.

Myopia (nearsightedness) often continues to worsen until age 18-20, so it's crucial to schedule regular eye exams for your child.

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Glasses for People With 20/30 Vision

Fortunately glasses and contact lenses can correct refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, making it easier for a person with 20/30 vision to see faraway objects clearly and comfortably.

Glasses can also reduce strain on the eyes, which prevents headaches and other symptoms of eye strain.

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People with 20/30 vision may not necessarily need glasses all the time, but they can still benefit from them in certain situations.

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