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Patient safety is our priority, all our staff have been vaccinated.

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Great eye doctor, very detailed and caring.
2 months ago
- Jeffrey D.
I visited Vivid Eye Care a few times after having an abrasion in my eye. The secretaries and Dr. Judge and Dr. Randhawa were very kind and helpful. I highly recommend visiting Vivid Eye Care for great service and care.
3 months ago
- harveen b.
Amazing experience!!! Initially came to this store because I wanted to get my old cheap frame repaired….but I soon realized I would need to get new frames and the thought of having to buy new glasses had me extremely overwhelmed…That was before I met Harpreet. She was so thoughtful and understanding of my situation and offered me several options to choose from, I really appreciated how understanding she was when it came to choosing a frame that would be perfect for me! Once again thank you Vivid eye care and most importantly thank you harpreet for helping me get my perfect eye glasses. 100 percent recommend!!!!
4 months ago
- Gagan
Very attentive staff who went above and beyond to ensure that I had a positive experience and left a happy customer.
4 months ago
- Shauna M.
Such incredible service from here!! Initially came here for an eye infection and even they were able to give me the right drops. While my family doctor didn’t even want to give me drops, but I came here because I knew something was wrong and that I needed a doctor who specialized in eyes!! Today, I came back and purchased shades from them and Harpeeet was sooo patient with me, and even adjusted the frames for me to make it fit comfortably. In addition, Dr. judge was so thorough with my exam and was able to explain exactly why my vision is as is, even gave me the option to lessen the prescription of my current lenses since they give me a headache - which I didn’t even know was an option. I am so happy with the service they provide. Thank you again!
4 months ago
- Alexia
Dr. Sandhar is great. Excellent people skills coupled with excellent technical skills. Highly recommended.
4 months ago
- Ravinder S.
Great ODs and selection of frames! They also treat dry eye 👁
4 months ago
- Krish K.